A Great Partnership!

Great news at Ban the Bag YYC!

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We've partnered with Plastic Free YYC - a grassroots non-profit aimed at reducing single-use and other unnecessary plastic by raising awareness about the overall impact of plastic on our community and our planet.

Plastic Free YYC seeks to inspire individuals, collaborate with businesses, and encourage governing bodies to evoke change and eliminate waste by sharing information and educating all Calgarians on how to lead a plastic-free lifestyle.

The community over at Plastic Free YYC is supportive, hardworking and approachable - showing that zero waste goals don't have to be difficult or alienating, and that we can all fit in a little more to be kinder to the environment everyday! They hold events, workshops and education sessions for all.

 Follow along on their well appointed blog or on instagram! We love Plastic Free YYC. Join them and us at the Riverside Clean Up Sunday, April 22nd! 

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Ready for Roll Out!

As we polish up the last pieces of our website, we're ready to roll out the Ban the Bag YYC campaign with the support of Calgarians! 

We've been encouraged by the new bag bans coming into effect in Canada, including Victoria's upcoming ban and Montreal's 2018 ban. We're feeling the support from fellow Calgarians, waste-conscious citizens and environmentally conscious organizations. It's Calgary's turn to show Canada that we're serious about waste reduction goals and our environmental impact. Plastic bans are a small and do-able step forward inspiring and influencing a more dynamic and socially minded city that cares about the environment, locally and globally. 

As the campaign grows, we're looking forward to hearing from Calgarians and highlighting local businesses and champions of waste reduction. There are so many places already eschewing plastic and encouraging responsible consumerism - looking forward to showing off some these great organizations!

Ban the Bag YYC